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Development program

of the junior research group.

Being part of the junior research group

When three doctoral students work in the same place on closely related topics, there are unique opportunities for synergies. In particular, it will greatly benefit the PhD students to learn from the progress and problems of the others. In order to optimize the synergies and the resulting advantages for the doctoral students, biweekly meetings with all three students are an important part of the junior research group. In these meetings, the PhD students present, to each other and to the scientific management, their progress and problems which are then discussed in a solution-oriented manner. These meetings take place in addition to regular bilateral discussions with the scientific management.

In addition to the usual doctoral training, the focus of the development of the PhD students in the junior research group will be placed on becoming methodological specialists for the analysis of expectation formation and their policy implications.


In order to ensure an optimal development of the doctoral students, several PhD-workshops per year are organized as part of the junior research group. These workshops are offered by international experts in the field of expectations research, who are invited to Heidelberg for this purpose. The aim of these workshops is that the doctoral students experience various aspects of pioneering research in the field of expectation formation first-hand.

In the early stages, the PhD-workshops will primarily serve as an important source of inspiration for the future research of the doctoral students. Later, the PhD-workshops will focus more on specific methodological skills that the doctoral students need for their current or future projects.

Additionally, the doctoral students are encouraged to take part in the seminar program and events of the Hans Böckler Foundation.

International experience and networking

The doctoral students are given the opportunity to regularly present their work at international conferences and workshops. There is a travel budget for this, which comes in addition to the scholarships. We will also organize an international conference on the subject of expectation formation in Heidelberg.

The doctoral students are further encouraged to plan research stays at a foreign university in order to work together with other experts in the field of expectation formation and to gain international experience. The doctoral students will receive support for the planning of such a stay.